Thursday, 28 July 2011


Return ov the blog-sound

arate me and ward didnt do the blog for the few weeks cos we wer pissin
back 2 buisiness heres a standard little review of prom weve been meenin to do 4 pyar time

Ward did not rate the food at all, stating that a "dog could have shat a better meal", and so in his anger preceeded 2 eat a nearby fucker
the mad bastard!
 cant remember owt els but this should sum it up proper:

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ward and Utah Reviews:Last Day Of skool

rite we ad r last day t other week n it wer aite so we reviewd it for a laugh fuk off


Piss poor, toss shouts, waste of valuable pub time, what seemed like hours of pictures of fuckers we dont even like

Blog advertising oppertunities:

Bloody Great


bit of a laugh, all wer about

Shef after:


overll wed give this experience a good 2.5 ward stars cos it wer arite
ward sed: start wer wank but after wer good part from all the useless tossers about, i dunt giv a fuk bout them!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

ward is not happy with william hill

Wards bet went tits up and he lost a fair bit of cash
heres what happened:


summat r8 bad as append

breakin news: ward has gone to corp too many times in the last month and hes turned into a full on mosher
he dunt even want to come newer els cos they dont do corp poision vodka! hes dyed his hair black and its r8 long aswell like a nobed and all he does is listen 2 linkin park wen not at corp!
we r pledging for help because he is about to leave the blog in order to create a "rok blog" so he can post mosher gay stuff about how good corp is
donate to the the tossers trust now so we can get him sum cool clothes and change his hair back and bring him back to his normal self b4 its too late(£20 from each person shud b enough)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Breakin news ere at blog HQ
Here is every1s fav "brick shitouse" bastard pickles in all his glory
but wots this? a salad? wots up wiv im! first the cheeky ros'e n now this!? the cheeky cunt this wud not happen back in yorkshire i tell the! sort out ur act lad b4 i give u a good and proper seein 2! get an ale down u or summat u twat av some of that

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Me int room wiv sum birds! i do like my birds me!
especially that kate middleton, id give her a r8 royal seeing to0!
prawn all is also quite keen